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NASA could build a warp drive?

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    NASA could build a warp drive?!?

    I just read in a article that NASA has revisited an older theory and found they can improve on it greatly. here is a link to the journal (i guess that is what it is called) of the scientist who is working in this. http://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/20110015936_2011016932.pdf

    Can they actually bend space with the Alcubeirre drive and also what are the physical mechanics to doing so. like how could a machine pull that off.
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    Re: NASA could build a warp drive?!?

    Don't quit your day job thinking that a position for a starfleet commander is gonna open any time soon. I would also not invest in any stock in a company promising to provide warp power for the future. The energy demands to do these things are far more prohibitive than would ever be practical, even if it were possible, in principle.
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    Re: NASA could build a warp drive?!?

    The big news is that we could build a warp drive with a lot less of something we don't have (exotic matter) than previously thought. We still don't have it (exotic matter in bulk) though.
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