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NASA/NACA Technical Reports and Memoranda

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    Very useful for those in Aerospace and Aeronautics

    http://naca.larc.nasa.gov/digidoc/report/ [Broken]
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    need for thermal control books

    I am attached to a project of thermal control of satellite. Could you please help me in finding some good reports and books regarding the thermal control.Mainly i need books on thermal modeling ans analysis,hardwares like heat pipes, Louvers,Paints and coatings,MLI blankets etc. I will be very thankful.

    My email address is ismail_siksavi@ yahoo.com.
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    They have report 1135 in there. I have that report too! Nice link astronuc.
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    Is there an index with a brief description or at least a title listing somewhere?
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    Not that I have ever found. I ususally just do searches and eventually narrow things down.
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    Is there a website search engine, or are you using something like Google?
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    There are two search options on the site link posted by Astronuc. There is a simple and advanced search capability.
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