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National Instruments MultiSim, or something else?

  1. Jun 26, 2012 #1
    I've been long looking for some better software.

    I haven't previously paid, but I'm prepared to pay a small amount for something worthwhile. (Student discount helps!)

    I've been playing with a now expired evaluation licence of NI MultiSim, which seems pretty good.

    I also quite liked DesignSpark from RS, but MultiSim seems like a more sustainable/reliable idea.

    Obviously there's only so much variation between them anyway - but is there an 'industry standard', or one that, in your experience, is pretty prominent throughout industry?


    (Oh and yes, for the sake of being transparent I have posted this on a couple of other forums too - just because I want a range of responses.)
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    Here are a few threads from the EE forum where we discuss different SPICE programs:




    I've not used MultiSim myself. I use MicroCAP, and have looked at PSPICE in the past.
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