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Natural Gas from Methane Hydrate Formations

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    I am very interested in the economic production of natural gas from sub-sea methane hydrate formations. This development could have a huge impact on the worlds energy supply, as it has been estimated that 80,000 times more hydrocarbon is stored in hydrate formations than all other proven reserves of oil and gas. Has anyone seen any research on the current status of economic and safe development of this technology?
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    Methane clathrate

    Try these - or seach for "methane clathrate"



    http://kristall.uni-mki.gwdg.de/Docs/Kuhs/clathrate_hydrates.html [Broken]

    http://kristall.uni-mki.gwdg.de/Docs/Kuhs/clathrate_hydrates.html [Broken]

    http://marine.usgs.gov/fact-sheets/gas-hydrates/title.html [Broken]



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    As a retired chemical engineer who contributes quite heavily to the Wikipedia, I would caution you to be very careful when reading technical articles in the Wikipedia. A great many of them are written by inexperienced undergraduate students who think they know certain subjects ... but, in truth, they are woefully inadequate and often full of errors.

    I am sure that a Google search will result in tons of material about natural gas hydrates.

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