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Need advice on getting genealogical DNA test in the USA

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    I was wondering what are some good institutions in the USA (preferably in Connecticut) that give reliable genealogical DNA tests.

    I am interested in seeing what my heritage is composed of. I'd also like to see if I have Ashkenazic heritage.
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    I have? That I been dealing with for some years now me and my dad well all mosted dad and mother tuck in dna test and the DNA testing came back 99,7% back and he is not my father? How is that wen it what 99,9% rite? This is something thats been eating me up inside I need answers and questions
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    I am not aware of specific places in Connecticut where this is done.
    However there are online companies that will do this for you. We don't endorse
    specific ones. However you can find a listing of such companies that do
    DNA testing here.

    Also if you watch some of the Finding Your Roots episodes
    on PBS TV or on their website. They mention places where they have
    their DNA samples tested.
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