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Need advice on pinch-off tool for cold cold-weld sealing

  1. May 31, 2016 #1

    My name is Rodrigo and I need to achieve a permanent seal for a vacuum chamber in the high vacuum range (I’ll be working between 1x10-4 and 1x10-torr). We were thinking of using a cold-weld sealing of an annealed copper tube to separate the chamber from the vacuum pump once the vacuum level is fine.

    I´ve already found one supplier of a reliable pinch-off tool that seems to do the job, but due to its high cost I need to find out more to be sure. Have anyone successfully use a pinch-of tool for a similar purpose, achieving high vacuum levels with no leak after pinch-off? I would appreciate very much if you tell me any specific product or tip!

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    I do not think it is magic. If it is for research, rather than quanity production, a hand held swaging press should do the job.
    Google 'swaging tool hydraulic' and see units costing US$50 and up.
    Modify by grinding a steel tool with the correct swage profile for the tube to fit the jaws of the press you get.

    Research the pinch profile used and the force applied. Google 'cold weld pinch off tool'
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