What is High vacuum: Definition and 17 Discussions

High Vacuum is a science fiction novel by Charles Eric Maine. It was first published in 1957 by Ballantine Books.

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  1. ektov_konstantin

    How can vacuum heating be calculated for substrates in a chamber?

    Hello, everyone! I am calculating the time of substrates' heating in the vacuum chamber. It is a simple mathematical model to calculate roughly how much time does it take to heat polycor substrates in the vacuum chamber. At least all the tube heater`s power heats the substrates (this is...
  2. dreens

    I Argon or Dry N2 for venting a small Ultra High Vacuum chamber

    Hi there, I have a small, few liter UHV chamber that frequently needs to be vented and rebaked. I want to shorten my bake time, so I’ve obtained a glove box to allow me to vent, work and close back up under inert gas. i’m curious if people have a preference between Argon and dry Nitrogen. I...
  3. W

    High Vacuum Etch / Deposition Vacuum Gauge Question ?

    Hi everybody, this is my 1st post as I am a little stuck. I am putting together a short presentation for a job application and have built a Tool similar to the attached ( basic ) schematic, My question is What is the Purpose of the Active Inverted Magnetron ( AIM ) - ( on the chamber ) and the...
  4. B

    Charging a magnetically levitating sphere to 1 gigavolt in a high vacuum

    What sort of limits would be encountered if you tried to charge a magnetically levitating sphere to as high a voltage as possible in an ultra high vacuum by using an electron beam aimed at the sphere? Assume the sphere is highly spherical and polished. If electrons have sufficient energy to...
  5. eigenmax

    Does anyone have diffusion pump oil for sale?

    I recently bought an old diffusion pump from eBay which I'm fixing up, and need 100cc of Santovac-5 oil (polyphenyl ether) for it. Does anyone have an idea where I can get a small amount (~100cc) of it to a reasonable price? What I've found isn't either shipped to Ireland or too expensive...
  6. mesa

    Looking for a high vacuum 8" conlfat, any suggestions?

    Hey guys, I have had a lot of success finding what I need on campus for an experimental setup, but for some reason this piece has been alluding me. I am trying to source an 8" HV conflat with 5.75" ID. It can have fixed or rotatable holes, be threaded or un-threaded so long as it has at least a...
  7. R

    Need advice on pinch-off tool for cold cold-weld sealing

    Hi, My name is Rodrigo and I need to achieve a permanent seal for a vacuum chamber in the high vacuum range (I’ll be working between 1x10-4 and 1x10-torr). We were thinking of using a cold-weld sealing of an annealed copper tube to separate the chamber from the vacuum pump once the vacuum level...
  8. Adi Wijaya

    I Building a Vacuum Filling System: Valves & Fine Leaks

    I'm building a vacuum filling system for charging liquid inside heat pipe. I am using 1/8 inch stainless steel tubing for system connecting construction and swagelok ball valve 1/8 inch for regulating the pump down flow from heat pipe to vacuum pump. The fluid regulate with micro metering valve...
  9. S

    What is the Best Way to Install a Cryogenic Finger in a High Vacuum Chamber?

    Hi, I have a high vacuum chamber, where I would like to feed a cryogenic finger through. The finger is to be mounted on top of the chamber (flange is parallel to floor), and the flange is a 4.5" Conflat type. I have a few options, and want to know how best to proceed. 1) I have an existing...
  10. S

    Can I Connect a Smaller Valve to a Varian M4 Diffusion Pump for Lower Costs?

    Hello all, I have a Varian M4 diffusion pump that has a 6 inch diameter opening at the top, is it okay for me to connect that to a reduced size opening like just 2 or 3 inches diameter so that I can use a smaller valve? I am only trying to pump down a cubic foot or two sized chamber. I am...
  11. S

    UHV (ultra high vacuum) System

    If using diffusion pumps (2 or 3 in series) to achieve ultra high vacuum, how do you hook them up together, for example adding them onto a system like in the provided picture? Would you use T-connectors to put them all on the same input and output valves or would you have valves for each pump?
  12. F

    Linear Positioners, moving stages in high vacuum environment

    Hello fellow engineers. I'm looking for a little direction as to the terminology and/or suppliers of some parts I need to build a Langmuir Probe. I'm unsure as to what some of these parts are called. They are all controlled by a stepping motor. Attached is a picture of the device I'm trying...
  13. R

    Residual Gas in High Vacuum Systems

    Homework Statement What is the likely main residual gas constituent of a high vacuum system (HV) (P~1x10-4 Pa) and where does it come from? Explain how the vacuum may be improved to give ultra-high vacuum (UHV) (P~1x10-8 Pa). What is the likely main residual gas constituent of ultra-high...
  14. J

    Designing and Operating High Vacuum Systems

    Hi, I'm curious about how vacuum systems work... I was advised to try posting this here, hopefully it's the right place. So if you're designing a high vacuum system, how do you actually operate it? For example if you have a chamber connected to an oil diffusion pump connected to a rotary...
  15. J

    Designing & Operating a High Vacuum System

    Homework Statement I'm doing a project where I have to design a high vacuum system (just on paper). I think I've figured out how all the parts hook up together, but I'm not sure how to operate the vacuum. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution So I have a chamber...
  16. V

    Does Aluminum Allodine 1200 Outgas in High Vacuum?

    I have a question: does anyone know whether the aluminum surface treatment Allodine 1200 can give rise to outgassing when used in high vacuum conditions ? As I understand it, it is a chemical deposition of CrO3 on the Al surface.
  17. B

    Ultra high vacuum with scanning tunneling microscope

    I am working on a project involving a scanning tunneling microscope, and to move atoms i need an untra high vacuum chamber. Any info you have on UHV or STM would be immensly appreciated.:rolleyes: Thanks