What is Leakage: Definition and 86 Discussions

Leakage inductance derives from the electrical property of an imperfectly-coupled transformer whereby each winding behaves as a self-inductance in series with the winding's respective ohmic resistance constant. These four winding constants also interact with the transformer's mutual inductance. The winding leakage inductance is due to leakage flux not linking with all turns of each imperfectly-coupled winding.
Leakage reactance is usually the most important element of a power system transformer due to power factor, voltage drop, reactive power consumption and fault current considerations.Leakage inductance depends on the geometry of the core and the windings. Voltage drop across the leakage reactance results in often undesirable supply regulation with varying transformer load. But it can also be useful for harmonic isolation (attenuating higher frequencies) of some loads.Leakage inductance applies to any imperfectly-coupled magnetic circuit device including motors.

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  1. blinkz303

    How to calculate the leak rate based on pressure drop

    I am currently working on a project trying to calculate leak rate and fluid loss from pressurised vessels filled with water over a time period of 30 minutes. So far I have used the Boyles Law which assumes that PV/T = constant which gets us P1 * V1 = P2 * V2 and PdV+VdP = 0 I formed this over to...
  2. B

    Leakage Flux Inside a Slot of an AC Machine (dual stator)

    Hello All, Please see the attachments. The pdf file is the IEEE paper I'm reading. Figure 1 show a slot of the AC machine similar to the front view of the picture below: But in one slot, they fit two sets of conductors. The first set carries current i1 in total. The second set carries...
  3. anubhavsingh

    Reverse saturation current and leakage current in a BJT

    I have been studying Studying Donald Neamen's Electronic Circuits 4th edition and Sedra Smith's Microelectronics 7th edition for quite some time now. I have been self studying. After searching extensively on Internet as well as trying to understand from the books, I have not been able to...
  4. L

    Leakage in a nuclear condenser

    Hi! I'm a bit curious, what would happen if there would be a leakage in the condenser in a nuclear plant (PWR or BWR). As I understood it the stean in the turbine is expanded to about 4 kPa and I guess the pressure outside in the freshwater that is pumped into the condenser is at atmospheric...
  5. D

    I Maximum hole diameter to prevent water leakage

    I have a empty bottle and immersed it into the water, where the pressure inside the bottle is equal to air pressure. If I want to make a hole on the bottle, how big is the hole to prevent the water leak into the bottle at different depth? what kind of parameter is involve in this phenomena? can...
  6. cheniour oussama

    Simulate Leakage Current - Reverse Bias Diode

    hello I m Trying to simulate leakage current, say from a reverse bias diode I'm fairly how i can do it
  7. russ_watters

    What is the leakage rate of my underground piping system?

    This is a situation I don't often deal with; I have an underground piping system that is failing a pressure test and losing pressure at a rate of about 1psi/min from 80psi. I'd like to calculate the leakage rate. The pipe is a simple 10" diameter, schedule 40 steel pipe, 500' long (0.365"...
  8. lamejane

    PVD Vaccum Chamber -- How to clean up after Water leakage?

    Hello all , our PVD chamber experienced a water leakage from the cruible revoler area and unfortunately we are no longer able to achieve a stable Base pressure ( ~10e-6 mbar) We do not have the option of a bake out. Is there any other way to get rid of water in the chamber ? Ofcourse the water...
  9. archaic

    Current leakage between the charged plates of a capacitor

    1)$$\frac{Q}{\Delta V}=\frac{\kappa\epsilon_0A}{\ell}\Leftrightarrow\Delta V=\frac{Q\ell}{\kappa\epsilon_0A}$$$$I=\frac{A\Delta V}{\ell\rho}=\frac{Q}{\kappa\epsilon_0\rho}$$ 2) The charge is decreasing by ##\Delta Q##, so ##Q(t)=Q-\Delta Q##.$$I=\frac{\Delta Q}{\Delta t}\Leftrightarrow\Delta...
  10. jaumzaum

    Exploring the Factors Affecting Leakage Flux in Transformers

    Hi! I was wondering why even a real transformer has a very low leakage flux, what makes it be this way way? Is it the ferromagnetic material? If so, why? If the core was made of completely vacuum would the leakage be 100%?
  11. C

    Which Orientation is Worse for Leakage in a Glass Bottle?

    Hi, I'm looking for help in knowing which orientation is worse for finding leakage: upside down, sideways or no difference. I have a 30ml glass bottle filled with 26ml of oil that is closed with a glass stopper (cork) applied with a set force. The neck of the bottle is filled with oil when...
  12. F

    Engineering Find the parameters in a magnetic circuit (ignore the leakage effects)

    That was my attempt , but I am not sure if my answer is correct or not . I want to confirm it .
  13. R

    Flow rate of fluid at a burst leakage in a pipeline due to over pressurization

    we have a project to how knowing the flow rate of fluid at the burst leakage due over pressured, probably to make it easier to understand i will attach some pictures of this mechanism. Picture at above is simply mechanism of pipeline system that installed vertically, with fluid is mud and...
  14. D

    Benzalkonium chloride leaked into basement floor

    A cheap bottle I had containing benzalkonium chloride, for household cleaning, leaked entirely into one spot on my basement floor. The leakage wasn't noticed until after my carpet was bleached orange and the benzalkonium chloride solution was already dry. The carpet and padding have both been...
  15. J

    Voltage divider rule for CMOS in 0-state and leakage current

    I use the voltage divider rule as output voltage = Voltage across R1 = 5 * ( 0.5 / (0.5 + 20) ) This comes as 0.122 V I'm not sure why they've mentioned I leakage and does 0-state have any impact on answer.
  16. Y

    Looking for a BJT with low collector leakage current

    I am looking for small signal BJT that has very low leakage current when the base is biased at about 0.2V. I have issue of transistors drawing collector current when the base is at about 0.25V that is way less than the normal turn on of 0.6V to 0.7V. I am currently using BC546 or 556, and KSA992...
  17. G

    Transmission line: leakage current differential equation

    Homework Statement I have a coaxial cable with internal conductor of radius r1 and external conductor of radii r2 and r3. The material of the conductors has a conductivity ##\sigma_1##. Between the conductors there is a imperfect dielectric of conductivity ##\sigma_2##. Consider the...
  18. R

    Should the H/D Ratio Be Positive or Negative for Increased Neutron Leakage?

    Homework Statement A sphere has a height to diameter ratio of 1.00. The greater the surface area to volume ratio of a shape, the greater the neutron leakage. To increase neutron leakage should H/D be positive or negative? Homework Equations H/D The Attempt at a Solution Positive? Good...
  19. I

    Leakage Reactance of a three phase power transformer using Ansys Maxwell

    Hello all; I am trying to calculate leakage reactance of three phase power transformer . I am using Ansys Maxwell final element solution to analyse it. The software gives me total energy and linkages and self and mutual inductances.By using this quantities how can ı compute leankage reactances...
  20. Ioannis

    Calculation of leakage from a sealed room

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to calculate the openings of a sealed room according to a pressure drop in a specific time. I have the following equation: Q = 840*A*√(dP) Q: differential airflow in liters/sec A: room leakage in m2 dP: differential pressure in Pa...
  21. D

    What is Leakage in terms of quantum computing?

    I am doing a project on stabilizer code, and I keep running into a term about qubits and leakage. What does leakage mean?
  22. F

    Medical What Kind of Gas Could Be Leaking in My Bedroom?

    A few months ago there used to be some kind of gas leakage in the bedroom. Gas was almost odourless. I could detect the presence of gas only by aftereffects. They were : 1: I used to feel very sleepy. ( as if it was some anasthetic gas or chloroform) 2. Sometimes it used to feel like a breath...
  23. T

    Calculating the mutual coupling coefficient of E cores

    Hi, I can't find my inductance calculations book. Say that you were considering magnetic flux linkage more from a geometric perspective: -Does the mutual coupling coefficient for a series of coils all on the same steel core add up to a maximum total of ~1? Because I tried simulating a three...
  24. C

    A Measuring Air Leakage: Test for Watertight Seal

    I was not sure where to post this so decided to start here. If there is a better section please let me know... If you put a sealed device on a scale and place in an air tight box then fill with air pressure would the weight change of the device if there was a leak? I am trying to do a test to...
  25. C

    Measure Air Leakage: Test Sealed Device Without Water

    I was not sure where to post this so decided to start here. If there is a better section please let me know... If you put a sealed device on a scale and place in an air tight box then fill with air pressure would the weight change of the device if there was a leak? I am trying to do a test to...
  26. gilakmesum

    Coping with Nuclear Reactor Leakage: Lessons from Chernobyl and Fukushima

    how do we cope with leakage of nuclear reactors as happened at Chernobyl and Fukushima plan
  27. Zahid Iftikhar

    Bernoulli Equation and Leakage in a Pipe

    Hi boneh3ad Your discussion on Bernoulli Equation was very impressive and helped me a lot to understand this rather complicated equation. I have a question which puzzles me a lot when I want to solve it using Bernoulli equation. Here is the statement. " If there is some fluid flowing thru a...
  28. A

    Pressure at the closed end of a pipe with a leak?

    Suppose I have an air pipe that is used for "grasping" other objects using negative pressure. When an object is grasped, assume it is a perfect seal and that end of the pipe is closed. On the other end of the pipe is the pressure source creating the vacuum. Somewhere in the middle is a short...
  29. R

    Rate of gas leakage through small hole

    Homework Statement Here http://imgur.com/a/4LRM6 2. Homework Equations The equation is given int he questionThe Attempt at a Solution gas will stop flowing when the pressure inside the gas is equal to that of the surroundings. I calculated the final mass of gas inside the cube. Then i...
  30. R

    Need advice on pinch-off tool for cold cold-weld sealing

    Hi, My name is Rodrigo and I need to achieve a permanent seal for a vacuum chamber in the high vacuum range (I’ll be working between 1x10-4 and 1x10-torr). We were thinking of using a cold-weld sealing of an annealed copper tube to separate the chamber from the vacuum pump once the vacuum level...
  31. S

    Getting Constant Cooling: Examining Heat Leakage

    I have an object that is decently thermally insulated. I want to plot how a constant cooling power of a few watts for a few minutes is going to affect the object's temperature. I need to account for how much heat is leaking in. Getting a constant cooling doesn't seem easy. If I instead use...
  32. T

    What is the problem with leakage inductance?

    The thread name is probably misleading, but I just want to make sure I'm clear in that: Are the only two problems caused by leakage inductance (stray magnetic flux causing imperfect mutual coupling) in a transformer, that of; - poorer voltage regulation & - EMI noise on other equipment (?)...
  33. R

    Investigating NMOS Leakage Current with LT Spice

    I simulate the NMOS in LT Spice. And for vGS=0, I observe that the leakage current starts at a certain value then decreases suddenly and then slightly increases with vDS. For vGS different than 0 (positive or negative) but smaller than the threshold voltage, I observe that the leakage current...
  34. gracy

    Leakage Current Explained: What V, R, A, ρ, and d Stand For

    If the dielectric breakdown occurs in a parallel plate capacitor ,then leakage current is ##I##=##\frac{V}{R}##=##\frac{VA}{ρd}## I want to know what does each stand for? I=Current V=Voltage or volume R=radius or resistance A=area of the plate ρ=density d=Distance between the plates Am I correct?
  35. R

    How to calculate volume of oil released from a pinhole ?

    How to calculate volume of oil spill release from a pinhole of pipeline? I don't find anything about applicable method to solve this case (pinhole leakage), i just find calculation of pipeline rupture Thank You
  36. Garlic

    Blocking violet light leakage in UV lights

    Hello, I have a handheld UV mercury vapor lamp, which, when working, leaks some visible light around violet wavelengths. My question is whether it is possible to block violet light but let the UV light using some kind of colored transparent sheets. Thank you..
  37. T

    Model an Inductor: Flux Through Core & Air Around It

    Hi, I'm just curious why we model the ideal inductor as having the leakage inductance as being in series with the ideal core, rather than in parallel to it? Because it would seem to me that the flux goes in two parallel directions, one through the core, and one through the air around the core...
  38. T

    Induction and flux linkage clarification

    So if you have a single inductor then I assume that there is no flux linkage and that L = flux*N / i = L11 and so that flux is total leakage flux. If you have two inductors then the flux leakage is any flux that isn't flux linkage (the self flux is flux leakage). (flux21 is the flux in 2 from...
  39. O

    How can I calculate the volume of leaked gas in a leak testing project?

    Hi, I am working on a leak testing project in which i have a leaking valve and I am trying to determine the volume of nitrogen leaking through the valve. Side A (upstream of valve) starts at 4000psi with an unknown volume. Side B (downstream of valve) starts at 0psi with a pressure contained...
  40. B

    Fast non leakage probability

    what are the factors that affects fast non leakage probability and if neutron leak out occurs how the fast non leakage probability varies
  41. L

    Water filling a barrel with leakage

    Homework Statement The flow of water into a barrel = 36.8 lb/sec. The height of the water = h = weight of the water in the barrel/(density of water)(bottom area of barrel) There is a "leak" at the bottom of the barrel at h = 0. Flow out of the barrel is related to the depth of the water in...
  42. D

    Flow through Interconnected Tubes

    Hello all, this is my first post here, so please excuse me if there are any mistakes or important information is left omitted. Now, my problem is quite intricate and specific so I will be thankful for any information I can get. Using Excel, I am looking to model the volume flow of air through...
  43. T

    Voltage transformers and magnetic field leakage

    I’m looking to purchase a toroidal AUSTRALIA-to-US stepdown voltage transformer, and have narrowed my choice down to two models, one permitting a maximum rate of energy consumption of 100 Watts, and the other permitting a maximum rate of energy consumption of 250 Watts. Both of these maximum...
  44. Warpspeed13

    Question about fast neutron leakage calculations

    Ok so the equation for the probability that a fast neutron will not leek out of a non infinite mass is Pfnl= exp(-(Bg)^2 Tth) so Bg is the geometric buckling and for a sphere that value is (pie/r)^2. My question is what is exp? And what is Tth / how do I get the value of it?
  45. Runei

    Leakage Rate Units - Understanding the Basics

    Hello, At my work I'm working with testing the leakage rate of a gas system, and right now I am trying to gain some understanding of it all. However, there are some things which are very confusing to me, in regards to these rates. Searching the internet I find several different ways to...
  46. J

    Transformers : flux leakage and saturation current

    Can anyone explain why saturation current and flux leakage are not related? saturation current = current where all the magnetic domains are aligned right? flux leakage = flux from the primary that doesn't reach the 2ndary can someone also explain why, flux leakage causes a increase in...
  47. A

    Depleted region in Semiconductor and leakage current

    Hi, Iam reading the book Glen F. Knoll Radiation Detection and Measurements, and Iam having a trouble understanding a certain part of the chapter about semiconductor, he writes: Electron-hole pairs that are created within the depletion region by the passage of radiation will be swept out...
  48. I

    What Causes Conductive Film on the Surface of Glass?

    what is "surface leakage"? when talking about the conductance of glass or some insulator, i often hear that no current will be read going through the glass; rather, if i do read anything on my multimeter, i have been told that what i am reading is "surface leakage"; what is this surface...
  49. A

    Why Zener Diodes Don't Have Current Leakage

    Can someone help me ? i can't understand why zener diode don't have current leakage?