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Need career counseling for architecture

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    Need career counseling for architecture!!

    hey im an A level student. im in last year of A levels giving exams this may and november.. subjects by which i will be completing A levels are physics, maths, psychology and general paper... i want to study architecture n keep it as a career but i have no idea what 1 must do or which line to follow or wether this is the right choice or not.. looking forward 4 help..
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    Re: Need career counseling for architecture!!

    Welcome to the forums.

    What is it you're really asking? Presumably you're aware that if you want to become an architect, then you should apply to an architecture course at university?

    I had a friend that went through architecture training, when he went through it (in the UK) it was a 4 year degree, 3 year post-grad training with the next step involving finding an internship at an architecture firm.
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    Re: Need career counseling for architecture!!

    Yea I do have university options where I can apply for architecture... Thing is all I know about how to go around architecture would be to first get a B.Arch. degree and then M.Arch. degree. The B.Arch. course here is four years as well and the M.Arch. degree is another two years. After that I'm completely clueless where to go or what to do =O
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    Re: Need career counseling for architecture!!

    So, you have a plan for the next six years but just want to know what to do after...? With a degree in architecture, you'll be on the route to becoming an architect. If that's what you want to do, then you have enough information for the time being so I'm not really sure what you're looking for.

    Have a look at:
    http://www.prospects.ac.uk/cms/ShowPage/Home_page/Options_with_your_subject/Your_degree_in_architecture/Your_skills/p!eLafXgf [Broken]
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