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Need good intro. to Statistics book

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    Hey folks,

    I need a good intro to statistics book that will take me through the 'statistics equivalent' of a Cal I, II and III course (US). One that starts with a good foundation, and proceeds up to a pretty advanced level.

    I have just finished a PhD in physics, so my math is 'good', but I've somehow managed to avoid all but the most basic of stats, and when I've needed it I've 'learned' it to get me through a problem, then hastily forgotten it again.

    Anyway, I am now moving into the quantitative analytics field (finance) and so need a good solid stats foundation.

    I'm sure there are loads of books out there, but I'm looking for some personal recommendations from PF phriends.


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    I should point out that I hated the statistics I did at university but I was really helped by a book called 'A Basic Course in Statistics' by G M Clarke and D Cooke. I ended up learning most of my course directly from the book rather than the lectures so I can recommend it for self-study. I haven't done a lot of stats, but that book covered more than I needed for a two semester course in it.
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    I did stats for a year (in UK). The recomendation for us was a book by J.A.Rice. I can't recall which one but I think his books are supposed to be good.

    Have fun.
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    Great, thanks for the advice folks!

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    Hi Spock, a good statistics book I would recommend is "Mathematical Statistics with
    Applications" by Mendenhall and Scheaffer. It's a wonderful book because it touches on most of the concepts that I had to learn later on. It is definitely a starter's book and I still refer to it from time to time when I forget my silly concepts!
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