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Need help/advise with building an electromagnet

  1. Jun 22, 2011 #1
    Hello. I'm looking for some assistance with building an electromagnet. Was going to just build it, but want to be on a safe side =)... Due to my chronic Lyme Dis. did forget somethings, and being a son of electrician doesn't really qualify me as an electric engineer. Have googled but came up empty.

    I would like an EM made out of iron rod approx 1" - 2" in diameter, about 6"-7" long. with adj work load, starting with 1lbs and up. of course for it to be safe and economical, and i hope nothing fancy.

    I'm planning to build a wooden housing for it, or fiberglass. so one of the questions would be of how to attach EM to housing, is it ok for a rod to have hole and just bolt it, or clamp it.. will it interfere with em field, making it less productive.

    what should be used for energy source?

    what would be best to regulate e current?

    and im sure more questions might arise. but any way thanks to any one who would reply. cheers! K.
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