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Need help deciding where to study

  1. Jul 10, 2015 #1
    I live in India, and i just finished school, and decided to study physics. I got a seat in IIT Kanpur for a Bsc in Physics and also a seat in IISER(Indian Institute of Science Education and Research), and I cant decide where to go.
    I understand that there is little to no scope for a Physics graduate here in India, and that I have to go abroad after studying. My decision has to thus be based on which of these institutes is more recognized outside the country, and I would really appreciate any insight on the same.
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    The IIT tag is something that people recognise. Just saying, I don't know too much about IISER, is it better than IISC?
    All the best for wherever you end up going :)
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    I don't know about IISER but most of the graduate students at my grad school (top five program) actually went to IIT Kanpur. I know of three in my group alone so I am sure there are more in my program and a lot more at other schools. I know other students I know went to different IITs. Basically everyone I know who did undergrad in India went to an IIT and I think IIT Kanpur is especially well known for physics.
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