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Need help finding the propriate term!

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    I'm writing sorta a introduction doc for my co-worker... there is certain pins should be connected by a jumper to keep the hardware in certain state, so can I say something like:

    "Ensure that UP2 & UP4 is shortfused by the jumper prior to entering the debug mode"?

    As you people can see, I want to sorta shortwire the 2 pins DELIBERATELY in a positive manner, and my supervisor insist in using the word that means "short-circuit" or "shorwire" instead of "connect", and I think he is quite reasonable because in the industry, people all say it like that, but I really do not know the word that has a positive meaning and can be understand CORRECTLY by both professionals and laymen.

    So can anyone help me?
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    I think 'connected' (when used without a modifier like, "through a 10k resistor") is understood to mean "through a low-resistance connection". When you make it more explicit, it sounds as if you need some sort of ground plane (or at least, through a higher contact area).

    You could also use the word "shorted", which I seem to recall seeing in a datasheet or two.
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    MATLABdude has it correct.
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