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Homework Help: Need help on a problem F=ma and i have gravity

  1. Nov 10, 2009 #1

    an object is falling with a mass 295kg and has an acceleration of 75m/s^2 what is the force of the collision.

    F=295(75 * or + gravity)
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    You've got the wrong idea about how to solve the problem.
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    Hey Ernest, help him/her out, and in doing so help me out. I'm curious how that would be figured.

    FYI... Haven't yet gotten beyond algebra..
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    I'm sorry, I can't. It's homework. But I will give you a hint. The rate to which gravity accelerates falling objects is not 75 m/s2. If the problem has been correctly copied, then that hint should help
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    Assuming that the acceleration figure is correct, which implies that the object is falling somewhere with a much higher gravitational attraction, the weight of the object is given by F = ma = 295kg *75 m/s^2 = 22,125 Nt.

    The wording suggests that what might really be asked for is the energy of the collision, or E = (1/2)mv^2.

    wash, can you post the exact wording of the problem?
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