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Need help picking out a multimeter

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    I need to purchase a digital multimeter for robotics building. Any recommendations on a specific multimeter?


    EDIT:If you have no recommendations, take a look at the data sheet for the EX430 multimeter on this page:

    http://www.alliedelec.com/Search/ProductDetail.asp?SKU=631-0006&SEARCH=&ID=228401&DESC=EX430 [Broken]

    This is the multimeter I am planning to buy, does it look good in your opinion? The datasheet lists the max capacitance range at 100uF, is this too little for robot building?
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    Looks like an ok multimeter from the description, I like my Fluke but its far from being cheap. Its the $10 multimeters you really need to stay away from, their accuracy is questionable at best sometimes. So its more or less a question of reliability/durability and accuracy that affects the purchase, and it really helps to know the brand (or warranty policy of retailer/manufacturer).

    100uF is still pretty small but it really depends on where in the circuit the cap is going. The caps should be labeled for size, especially since most that size or larger are going to be electrolytic and polarity sensitive!
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    Here is a fairly comprehensive site on robotics.. It even has a section on tools selection (including digital multimeter). Although he doesn't recommend any specific brands or models, this fellow seems to have some solid hands-on advice. Poke around the rest of that site and see what I mean.
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