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Need help programing in assembly language

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    *****need help programing in assembly language*****

    Hi there everyone. I am really new to this assembly language and i dont know how to code this simple programe.. Please help me with this. I would very much appreciate it.. here is the question..

    Need to design assembly language programe IA-32 that could find the number of 0's [binary] in each integer in x and put and display the value in y.


    X SWORD -100,200,300,400,-500
    Y BYTE 5 DUP (?)
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    Bit oriented method:

    Assume value in EAX, zero bit count will be in EDX

    Code (Text):

            mov     ecx,32
            mov     edx,0
    lp0:    rol     eax,1
            adc     edx,0
            loop    lp0
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