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Help in assembly language study

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    i wish everyone in good health

    this semester I am studying Assembly language ..

    and our lecturer in my university is not good at teaching ..

    so i hope some one helps me to online ppt lectures or videos or any website .. that i can study assembly language step by step ...

    thanx alot
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    Hi Sumaya. Normally assembly language is taught in relation to some particular hardware architecture. In essence, learning about low level computer architecture and assembly language usually go hand in hand.

    Do you have specific assembler language that you're learning?
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    Hey Sumaya and welcome to the forums.

    As uart pointed out, the assembler language is dependent on the hardware platform you are using.

    If you know the platform, it might be a good idea to get an architecture manual of some sort that goes through all of the OPcodes (the binary representation) and the assembler mnemonic (think XOR for an exclusive or command).

    A good manual will have everything from the complete syntax definition to a complete description of the memory model and the processing model which may or may not include things like software and hardware interrupts.

    You should get everything you need from a decent well organized official architecture manual for your platform.
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    i am studing Assembly Language for x86 Processors 6th edition - Kip Irvine
    and I'll use c++ 2008 assembler
    thanx for all
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    Assuming you mean Visual Studio 2008, if you want to create an assembler project, you'll probably need to create a "custom" build step for the assembly code. Start by creating an "empty' win 32 dos console project, then go to project options and "add existing item" to include your assembly source file (like example.asm). Then right click on the source file name under project and choose custom build step. For debug mode for a source file called example.asm would look like:

    command line:

    ml /c /Zi /Fo$(outdir)\example.obj example.asm



    For the release mode, the command line is the same except you remove the /Zi.

    Once you've done this, you'll be able to build and debug assembly programs in the same manner as C programs. When debugging, you'll want to enable the debug view registers window.
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