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Need help regarding EngSci U of T

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    I am currently in second semester Grade 12. My marks for first semester were 95 in Chemistry, 90 in Physics, and 99 in Advanced Functions. But I think I could have done much better in Physics had I tried harder. This semester my marks are a bit lower: 95 in Calculus, 82 in English and 85 in Data management. I'm getting in 94 in ESL Philosophy but I don't think it counts. Regarding Extracurricular activities, I have none except for part-time job. I've got early admission to T1 but wanted to know that can I get to EngSci U of T with the marks that I have now?

    Thanks in advance
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    Yes, with those marks you should be able to get into EngSci.

    No extra-curriculars might hurt you a bit but I am not 100% certain.

    The fact that you received early admission to Track 1 though might mean that you did not get EngSci but I am not sure. It has been awhile since I applied to UofT engineering and I kind of forget how it works. When you applied, did you list your preferences in terms of programs such as EngSci, T1, ECE etc.? If so, the fact that you got admitted to T1 and not EngSci might mean that you did not get admitted to EngSci. I am not 100% sure though.
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    My first semester average was 94% and this semesters average is 94% and I didn't get into mechanical engineering but got an alternate offer to chemical engineering. U of T's admissions are very weird if not a little pedantic and annoying (people with lower averages have got into Eng Sci and mechanical engineering). I thought my essay was done well and I have quite a few extra-curriculars.
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