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Questions regarding to UoT's Engsci program

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    Hello guys, i am new here. Currantly, i am in grade 12 IB in vancouver. And after first term, i got 99 in math, 100 in chem, 97 in physics and 66 in english. However, since i have been in canada for only 3 years up to now and my first language is not english, what's my chance to get into U of T's Engsci? And will the admission office ask me to write the TOEFL exam?
    Thank you
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    Vanadium 50

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    U of T? Toronto? Tennessee? Timbuktu? Tau Ceti?
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    University of Toronto's Engineering science program
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    Your marks are good other than English. If you required to take TOEFL then I guess they will look at it. Though english is not the most determining factor, but you still should get it higher.(Hopefully 75)

    Did you take cal and functions for math? And there's one more course I think. (they look at 6)
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    Actually, I am in math HL, which includes calculus and other stuff. Also, I got 95 on mandarin, 72 for history and 72 for Theory of Knowledge for term 1 in grade 12.
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