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B Need help to create an experiment

  1. Apr 14, 2016 #1
    Hi, my physics teacher ask us to create some experiment to be presented, related to the contents from the first year university course in physics. I would like to do something really unusual and interesting, however I don't have any idea.
    I would appreciate any suggestion.
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    Magnetic cereal bothers me. Stop it.
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    I have no idea what your first year course in physics covered. What ideas do you have? Where are you stuck and why?
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    Yes, sorry. My course covers the usual: Classical Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism and some Modern Physics. The experiment isn´t required to be only about this.
    I was thinking about doing a Stirling engine, but I´m not sure if it´s the best option, since I have never done one before, so I'm looking for ideas.
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    I am going to criticize you here, so get ready.

    You already discovered the important pieces of information that you left out in your first post. Many new members here don't seem to realize that we are not privy to what they know in their heads. Now this is an important "learning" lessons, not just on how to interact in this forum, but also how you present anything, be it your HW solution, your exam answers, and later on, when you communicate about something. You have to put yourself in the reader's shoes, and then LOOK carefully at what you wrote to see if you had given complete and clear description.

    Your post is still lacking in crucial information. For example, what kind of resources do you have on hand? What equipment, tools etc. are available to you to set up such experiments? It is of no use and a waste of time for any of us to suggest something, and it turns out that you do not have the necessary apparatus to construct such a thing. Don't you think this is another important piece of information to include in your question?

    Again, step back, and look at what you posted, and ask yourself if you've left out anything important for someone who doesn't know you.

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    I see that my post lake some information and I intend to don´t do it again.
    I can add, in order to try to be as complete as possible, that I have total liberty in this project, it just needs to be physics related. The material will need to be bought by me, since we don´t have nearly any thing that we can use in the lab. It will be constructed by me, using the basic tools that everyone has in their garage (nothing like welders).
    This project should be backed by physical concepts, interesting to anyone, even if they don´t understand physics, not too expensive and that I can construct with my hands without machines.
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    You can maybe think about it as similar to a physics fair project.
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