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Need help to make a powerful antenna

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    So I want to make an antenna which emits powerful waves in the frequency range of 1-50 MHz.

    Yet I don't know exactly how powerful those waves should be, but a normal solenoid is not enough... :P It should be really powerful... :D

    Any help is welcome :)
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    What is the purpose of this and what does a solenoid have to do with it?
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    Well... I might be wrong but I thougt that it was actually possible to emit EM waves with a solenoid; isn't that the case?

    oh and yeah... I need it actually to do an experiment about nuclear magnetic resonance
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    So you want to make an MRI machine then? Or something similar?
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    well if you put it like that, yes... but I mean everything I want to do is observing the NMR phenomenon and all I need for the moment is such an antenna... so could anyone help me?
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