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Need help with Calculation of torque required

  1. Aug 24, 2010 #1
    Hi to all members,

    i having problem finding the torque required for the motor to rotate the lever beam clockwise.... hoping someone can guide me solve the problem...

    This is the image i attach...http://img838.imageshack.us/i/31088063.jpg/
    and the angle between the gas spring and the load beam is 32 degree..

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    i am already fourd the Force at the hinge.. but no idea to the find the force where the gas spring connected to the lever beam of the motor..
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    It's a statics problem where you do one (or several) free bodies and sum the forces and moments in all directions...all must equal zero. The torque of the motor must be the component of force at the tip of the rod that is 90-degrees from the rod TIMES the length of the rod. Does this make sense?
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