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Homework Help: Need help with inverse laplace transformation

  1. Nov 27, 2008 #1
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    I am so lost on this problem. I have tried it several times and just keep confusing myself. I think that I am messing up jsut setting up the problem. Can someone please help me out? How do I get this into partial fraction and then where do I go from there.
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    Hi Karmel,

    Assuming you want to take the inverse Laplace transform of F(s) = (s^3+6s^2-18s+13)/(s(s+1)(s^2-4s+13)), the first step is to decompose it into partial fractions, which I'm sure you would have come across before. There are three such partial fractions, of the form A/s, B/(s+1) and (Cs+D)/(s^2-4s+13), with A, B, C and D constants to be determined.

    Show us your work so we know where you're getting stuck.
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    I would love to show my work but after I set it up like showed to me above with the partial fraction I dont know what to do. The book I am using is so unclear on partial fractions. What are the steps?
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    so after doing the partial fractions if I am doing it right I get teh final answer to be


    I really hope that is right cause I have tried it a thousand ways and Iam getting no where....
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    You can check your answer using this online calculator:

    http://wims.unice.fr/wims/wims.cgi?session=COB95DF175.3&+lang=en&+module=tool%2Fanalysis%2Ffourierlaplace.en [Broken]

    I don't know if that link would expire over time, but if it does, just head to the main page and look for the online Fourier-Laplace calculator. Apart from that I'm kind of lazy to work it out.
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    can anyone help with this
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