Need help with numerical integration

  1. Would any one please suggest the best numerical method for integrating complicated integrands and singular functions? I find that Gauss quadratures are suggested by many references but I can't find a method to obtain the abscissas and weights for a general function.
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    Welcome to PF, Rositta! :smile:

    My book "Numerical Recipes for C" has a chapter on integration and in particular a paragraph on the integration of improper integrals.

    As I understand it, you need to find out where the singularities are, so you can calculate open-ended integrations of the sections between the singularities.
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    Hi I like Serena :smile: Do you have a link to this? I am having no problem finding "Numerical Recipes in C" but not so much "for C" or is that what you meant?
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    Yep. That's what I meant.
    Their website is here:
  6. Thaks all
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