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A Need help with peak deconvolution

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    I am new to peak deconvolution, I try to find information about this on the internet but just get a brief understanding of it. Can anyone provide me some suggestions or information about having a deeper understanding of this thing?
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    Hello Sheng, :welcome:

    You need to help us to provide assistance at the right level. Are you familiar with Fourier transforms ? The convolution theorem ? If not, google and pick the style of presentation you like best
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    Hi BvU,

    I am not quite familiar with the Fourier transforms, I am trying to find some software that can help me with peak deconvolution. Do you know the software called "Ignor"? I'm trying to find if this can help me or not. Thanks!
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    What in particular are you trying to deconvolve?
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    I got data from experiment,it is a curve about intensity and time, and it is a combination of the IRF (instrument response factor) and the fluorescence intensity that I want to separate. Their relationship is fit-1.png
    whereas L is the IRF and I is the fluorescence intensity, N is the convolution. I am learning Igor now and try to find if it can help me to deconvolute it. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!
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