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Homework Help: Need help with projectile project please!

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    To build a launching device for a standard projectile (golf ball). The launching device must propel the golf ball to one of 6 possible target areas as shown in the diagram. The golf ball must first clear a 50 cm barrier placed 50 cm within the 1.5 m gap between the launch quadrants and the target area
    The position of the target will be determined by the Luck of the Draw, and will be one of 6locations as shown in the diagram and Human power not allowed.

    Anybody have any simple ideas that would be able to pull this off? and how would i go about doing do?
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    I do not understand the question it is asking. Can you clarify on

    1)Where exactly the launching device is in the quadrants?

    2)What equations / models the question is asking to come up with?
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    the launching takes place from any of the 4 squares, its my choicee which one i want to use, and no equations are needed, the whole idea of the project is just to put the ball into the box thats selected at random, so basicly i need to be able to know how to put it into every box
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    any ideas?
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    The problem can be solved easily if the site is under ideal conditions. All you have to do is plug in values in the equation of trajectory for a projectile under influence of gravity, and use equalities from the problem scenario.
    [tex]y=x tan\theta +0.5 g x^2u^{-2}sec^2\theta[/tex]

    But for normal conditions this would hardly suffice, and one would have to take effects such as wind, projectile accuracy etc.
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