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Need help with the 4 fundamental forces of Nature

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    Hey everyone,

    I am currently in the middle of research for a science fiction /fantasy novel where the magic system is based on the ability of a group of people to manipulate the four fundamental forces of physics. Of these four, coming up with ways that individuals could manipulate gravity and electromagnetism is fairly easy as this has been done before with characters in comics and movies. I am struggling though with coming up with ways that the heroes/villains could manipulate the weak and strong nuclear force that is both plausible, somewhat scientifically sound (it is fiction after all) and creatively helpful (i.e they can't just be turning themselves into fission or fusion bombs). Essentially, I would like something that is scientifically sound and then I can extrapolate from there. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.
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    'scientifically sound' is not an option.

    Just have them manipulate it with mind power. That seems to be the usual thing in SF. Magneto comes to mind.
    Whatever you come up with, I expect it'll be more plausible than cavorite.
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    Scientifically sound is like you said, most likely not an option. What I am going for is plausible. For instance, both the weak and nuclear force can be used for transmutation, creating new elements through fusion and breaking them down again using fission. Granted the energy requirements would be huge, as well as the radiation unleashed but this is where the artist can take a little liberty. With the strong force, disassociation is also possible by basically eliminating the bonds between molecules etc. Also, I suppose since fusion is how the sun creates its energy , a fusion user could most likely generate a lot of heat, I guess. This is the kind of thing I am going for,, what is plausible with both of these forces if one had unlimited amounts of energy, (which is impossible) but you get my drift.
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