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Need to find the Ricci scalar curvature of this metric

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    Need to find the Ricci scalar curvature of this metric:

    ds2 = e2a(z)(dx2 + dy2) + dz2 − e2b(z)dt2

    I tried to find the solution, but failed to pass the calculation of Riemann curvature tensor:

    <The Christoffel connection> Here a'(z) denotes the first derivative of a(z) respect to z.

    <The Riemann curvature tensor>

    I tried to find the Ricci scalar curvature(R) from current result, but it gave a function depend on z. Is there any problem in my calculation?

    Thanks for answering this question~!
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    I didn't check your calculation, but why do you think the Ricci scalar shouldn't depend on z?
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    I got the same for the Christoffel symbols, but I got a lot more non-zero elements for the Riemann curvature tensor.
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    Sorry for that I did not write down the other non-zero terms of Riemann curvature tensor which can be deduced by symmetry and anti-symmetry properties.
    However, I still have a contradiction that
    Rt _ztz-b''(z)-[b'(z)]2

    Did you also get the same result?
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    I get

    Rztzt = -[b''(z)+[b'(z)]2]e2b(z)
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    Thank you, I will check my result again
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