Need to interview a professional engineer (help)

  1. what kind of education do you have?

    what kind of professional and communication skills do engineers need

    what kind of conferences do engineers belong to besides APEGGA

    what kind of conferences do engineers attend

    what kind of professional journals do engineers subscribe to or read

    what kind of scholarly journals do engineering students and professors consult for research purposes( try to ensure names of the core/most important journals of the fields. also ensure names of others. at least 5 in total)

    what kind of research might engineers do or be expected to do.(does the answer depend on a variety of things, if yes what kind of things)

    how much writing and what kind do engineers do

    tell me something about your job(if u don’t mind could you tell me any useful information you could give me in terms of a career)

    i need your full name, title, position, address, place where you could be reached.(its just because i need to write a thank you letter for all your trouble.

    thank you
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  3. berkeman

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    You may be in the wrong place, if you need all that personal information, in addition to the answers to your interview questions. Do not expect people to give their full name, address, etc. That is not necessary for the interview. If you need more contact information, you can use the PM system to follow up privately.
  4. i dont understand
    i only need the full name just so that i could write a thank you letter
    i dont really need a address, just a way to contact the engineer.
    by the way what is the PM system
  5. berkeman

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    PM is the personal message system. Right-click on a user's name to send a PM.
  6. vanesch

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    Left-click ?
  7. berkeman

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    Oopsies. vanesch is correct -- left click. :blushing:
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