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Homework Help: Need to learn about quadratic equations

  1. Jan 31, 2006 #1

    I need to learn very well about quadratic equations. Can anyone give me a site to learn about these equations?

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    i could recom a book, problem solving in elementry mathematics by potaov(mir pub moscow)
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    Is there anything specific that you'd like to know?

    I assume you're wanting to learn about quadratics for the sake of some course you're taking, might I ask what it is?

    [Quadratic]'s links are likely to be good enough to cater for your needs.
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    Ya I need for my A/L maths

    I need for my A/L maths and now I want to master that section about quadratic equations. A/L means not London A/Ls. It's a bit advance in our country.
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