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Needed: Material for Engine Compartment bolt on.

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    Dear Physics Forums members,

    I humbly ask your guidance on a project I've just started :blushing:. I need to find a material that can be fabricated for a device that is to be placed in a car engine compartment. Forged, cast or cut, it must withstand the heat of the engine (although it will not be directly mounted to the engine block), -40 degree Celsius, the shock of hard driving, and be environmentally friendly.

    I looked at the bioplastic from Mazda, but unsure if it can withstand the heat?

    I appreciate any information your collective may have on this. :smile:

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    There are myriad materials that meet your non-specific criteria. You will need fill in some details before we can narrow the choices.
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    Steel and aluminium are environment friendly because they're recycled.
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