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The BOLT Browser was a web browser for mobile phones including feature phones and smartphones that can run Java ME applications. The BOLT Browser was offered free of charge to consumers and by license to Mobile network operators and handset manufacturers. BOLT was produced by Bitstream Inc., the company which previously produced the ThunderHawk for Mobile network operators and handset manufacturers.
BOLT was originally introduced into private beta on January 15, 2009 and was made available to the public on February 16, 2009 when the public beta was announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. BOLT supported Java-based handsets with Java MIDP 2 and CLDC 1.0 or higher. BOLT also has specially optimized version for BlackBerry smartphones and worked with Windows Mobile and Palm OS devices that employ a MIDlet manager or Java emulator. BOLT was built using the WebKit rendering engine to display a full Web page layout as found on desktop web browsers.
In December 2011, BOLT Browser was discontinued and all installs were rendered useless.

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  1. A

    Shear Force on Bolts mounting gearbox to engine

    Hello, I have designed a gearbox that bolts on to a fixed engine and fixed pump. It is completely supported by them. The total mass of the gearbox and the components attaching it to the engine and pump is 7.7kg. Its centre of mass is 0.167m along the x-axis and 0.09m along the z-axis from the...
  2. N

    Effect of a lightning strike on stainless steel bolt

    Hello, I was recently onsite in the Philippines and the equipment owner stated their wind turbine had been hit by lightning. The only obvious damage was to the bolted connections at the root of one blade. One was sheared, the other bent. Does anyone have any experience of lighting causing...
  3. E

    Finding bolt reaction on bolt

    *Note: Even for 1 answer for any of the question, I am highly appreciate it. I am understand it quite a burden to answer all. Thank you. Hi guys, I am currently seeking a correct approach of getting the reaction force developed on bolt due to the Forward or Upward force experience by the...
  4. R

    Bolted assembly, friction force, clamping force

    I think I have solved my problem for a friction force between a bolted assembly, or at least I think did. If a torque was given of 267.6 in-lbs and a constant of k=0.2 and the diameter(d) =0.5, T=k*P*d should equal 267.6=0.2*P*0.5, resulting in P=2676lbs. Then using the equation: Tc=F*fc*dc/2...
  5. Raf76

    Guides for bolt diameter and length against plate thickness?

    Hi, I tried to find design regulations/codes that specify relations between bolt diameter/bolt length against connected plate thicknesses. I couldn't find that in Eurocodes 3. Can someone help me with info where to find those regulations ? Example: can we connect 5 mm plates using M24 ? or...
  6. A

    Double Shear stress on a bolt

    Hello. I know what follows seems like a HW problem, but it's an actual problem I'm trying to solve with some equipment I will be using. I am concerned that a bolt I am using will be unable to withstand the forces that it will face, and so I am trying to solve the problem out mathematically as...
  7. 9

    Friction or bearing joint?

    I have a tapped hole. A threaded rod goes through the hole. A single nut secures the threaded rod in position. Only one plate is threaded. Note the clearance hole in the top plate. A picture is attached. A friction joint in a bolt occurs when the clamping force creates a normal force. This...