Neel Temperature: Is Magnetisation Equal to Zero?

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One question? Neel temperature is temperature in which magnetisation is equal to zero?
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It is the temperature in which the staggered magnetization (= a measure on how much nearest neighbors tend to align oppositely) is nonzero. The magnetization is both zero for a paramagnet and an antiferromagnet.
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Can I say for [tex]\sigma=0[/tex], [tex]T=T_N[/tex]?
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Petar Mali said:
Can I say for [tex]\sigma=0[/tex], [tex]T=T_N[/tex]?

What do you mean by sigma=0? If you mean that the entropy is zero, I don't think so. It holds when all the local moments are 'fully' aligned(such that two nearest neighbors point in opposite directions). At the Neel temperature, such alignment starts to develop.
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Sigma iz magnetisation!
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Aha! The magnetization! :) In zero fields, the magnetization in the paramagnet-antiferromagnet transition should be always zero. It is not a suitable measure to characterize the transition.
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