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Neutron generation from T(d,n)

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    Hi guys. I have a small question and i would appreciate your help.

    I want to find how many neutrons per second (in 4π) are produced from a neutron generator. The generator works with T(d,n) reaction.. We have 0.5 mA d at 100keV energy that hits a target of titanium-tritium that has 2*10^20 nucleus of Tritium. The cross section of this reaction is around 5 barn..and the surface of the target is 5cm^2..

    Can anyone help me by giving me the formula that i must use to solve the problem?

    Thnx in advance
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    Does one know the expression for the interaction or reaction rate for a monoenergetic beam of particles striking a target of atomic density N?

    One is given a microscopic cross-section, σ, of the reaction, and one should be able to determine d flux from the current and beam/target area.
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    I am looking for the equation if anyone knows it. I found sth Like R= (I σ N) /s, where R= Reaction rate, N=the total number of Tritium nucleus, σ= the cross section for the reaction, I = the current of the d beam, and s= the surface of the target...

    Can anyone confirm that this is correct, because i am getting strange results...
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    That's correct.

    Perhaps one can show what one is doing with the equation.

    BTW - this appears to be homework.
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    No.. Its not homework. Its about a project. I have to calculate theoretically the amount of neutrons the source produce per second, so we can be able to shield it correctly when it arrives. I am just getting 10^4 less neutrons than the generators specifications, and i want to know what i am doing wrong... I get 6.3*10^7 neutrons, when i suppost to get about 10^11.
    Generally this kind of generators produce 10^8 neutrons per μΑ
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