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New Good Books on Calculus and Analytical Geometry

  1. Oct 28, 2012 #1
    I have read many threads concerning many excellent books on calculus but not for analytical geometry. I can't seem to find any thread about good references for analytical geometry. I am taking the course analytical geometry and calculus in college and I need good book in both fields. I have background knowledge in Algebra and Trigonometry if that will help. I am also kind of slow in understanding concepts and usually exercises with detailed worked solutions really help. Many graphs and pictures(like illustrations for word problems) will also be a great help. I just really want to ace this course. ;) So do you guys have any good suggestions for such books on calculus and analytical geometry? Preferably, one that has a new edition released and much better if it can be purchased as a digital copy, since it's easier for me to study on my laptop.

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    "Analytic Geometry" as instructed in the lower division Calculus courses is just applying the ideas being learned in Calculus to (mostly) coordinate Geometry in two and three dimensions. Most of the Analytic Geometry underlying what you will learn in "Calculus and Analytic Geometry" will have been well given in your Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, and Trigonometry courses and textbooks.

    Again, in Calculus And Analytic Geometry, you are just applying your Calculus concepts to the Analytic Geometry which you have already studied. Any good Algebra 2/3/Trigonometry book by a good set of authors should be easily enough; maybe Lial, Lial & Miller, Larson & Hostetler, Larson & Hostetler & Edwards, Aufman & Barker; and maybe also the old Calculus book by Howard Anton. Other possible valuable authors as well. I just listed the ones I know about.
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