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New Quantum Foundations Journal

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    Not sure if this was posted but I came across a fairly recent online journal specializing on Quantum foundations that some might find interesting:

    Some topics issues that will be published/discussed:
    • Protective Measurement and Quantum Reality
    • Quantum Nonlocality and Reality - 50 Years of Bell's theorem
    • PBR Theorem and Beyond
    • 90 Years of Quantum Mechanics
    • Meaning of the wave function
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    This looks both interesting and promising. One question: is it closed circle? or behind paywall?
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    It appears to be open without a paywall. This includes the articles, blogs and discussion. And some of the big names in quantum foundations participate in the discussion/blogs/papers:
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    Nice line-up of contributing bloggers. :-)
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    So basically I saw it like some sort of a blog, in which *usually famous* people propose a paper to the available audience (much like arxiv.org), get comments (from subsribed members) and get the final go-ahead from the referees *editorial board*. But it's really interesting to follow on the 'kostenlos' part. It would be a pity if they were to charge money to Joe Does like me.
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