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New source of constant inflow of energy for practical use

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    Probably this is already being disscused somewhere else, but nevertheless...

    I'm going to use some analogies to explain it.

    Human kind have found out and learnt to use only sources of energy that are observable (expiriencable) by some/any of the human senses, or are implied by logic of things (i.e. thorough mathematic research (e.g. E=mc2))...

    ...But we (even long time ago) also have come to know that there are sources of energy (of different descriptions) invisible to human eye.

    For example - radio waves: they are all around us (today they are overwhelming us crossfiering from all directions), they can reflect off of things, they can go thorough us - never mind, we don't see them - we can't expirience them - non of our senses can point to their existance... until we use some mechanisms to convert them to what our senses can recognize - then - all of the sudden the change of frequency (or amplitude of one frequency) is used e.g. to (re)create sound - and then we actually can hear radio-waves.
    So then, we can know that there really is something in the air all around and thorough us - because no matter where we stand, disconnected from everything (even inside buildings or other structures), completely autonomous - we can pick (reconstruct and amplify) those radio-waves from the thin air!

    The BEARER of energy of the Sun's light are electro-magnetic waves - we can see the light, and we can feel its energy (heat), the bearer of the energy of the radio-waves are also electro-magnetic waves (only: of different frequency), but we can't see them.

    So, now, with that being pointed-out - a QUESTION: what if there is some source of some enormous (or at least considerable!) energy - a couldron of energy that is radiated just like radio waves are (or light from a star or gamma radiation from black holes), but the BEARER of such energy is unexpiriencable by human senses AND today's equipment (just like you couldn't pick radio waves in medieval age using contraptions they had back then (shovels, rack, catapult or a trebuchet)).

    The source of such unknown, today unexpiriencable energy maybe is a nearest black-hole, or maybe Sun (some aditional still unknown phenomenon of it), or maybe even Earth itself or any other object in our galaxy or some other galaxy or anywhere else in the Universe.

    Maybe such tromendeous energy (radiating from that source, what ever and whereever it is) goes thorough us (and the entire planet, and other planets and everything in its path) extremely uneffected - just like light goes thorough air! Maybe such energy has specific frequency or multiple of frequencies (maybe they are very high or on the other hand very low frequency/frequencies).
    Just like AM or FM radio circuit picks-out radio-wave of specific frequency by resonating on that specific frequency - maybe we can build a mechanism (using some special materials, or state(s) of it, or any sort of matter) that can be made to resonate on same frequency as such (today unknown) source of "oscilating something" that bears that energy in that oscilation, so in that way (by adjusting the resonance) the substance (or any sort of matter) aparature is made of is no longer a "transparent matter" for that source of energy, so it doesn't just "go thorough", but really affects such mechanism which can be manifested in mechanical response of the mechanism (even viewable by naked eye) that is now affectd by such otherwise unexpiriencable oscilation (energy) - or even an elecrical manifestation, so such energy can be used even directly instead of fossil fuels in machines and vehicles and instead of electricity used in all sorts of electrical devices - you just install such element inside, and it works by getting the energy from that strong "phantom source of oscialation". (having in mind that even radio-waves were a phantom phenomenon back when people didn't know enough about it) I mean - the preservaton of energy is implied in such system - if e.g. Sun can produce such phenomenon - then it means that the nuclear reaction in the Sun is thi source of that energy (so it doesn't come "out of nothing" (as it would seem having such mechanism installed into some device to power it)).

    So, I don't know - what is oppinoin regarding such question?
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    OK, then, shortly:

    What if somewhere relatively near in Space there is a source of some radiation (a phenomenon still unexpiriancable by us (like radio-waves were long time ago)) of considerable energy - a radiation that passes thorough us unefected (thorough whole planet etc.); but if we find the way (mechanism) to interact with it we could harness the energy of such radiation (phenomenon) to use it to power our machines?
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    This is what we refer to as "idle speculation" This type of energy source is well documented and discussed in detail. It is called different things by different works but it remains the same. In general it is referred to as "magic" and can be read about in the thousands of books which fall into the Swords and Sorcery category or sometimes (incorrectly btw) it is called Science Fiction. On these forums we prefer to deal, not in a universe we create, but with the universe we inhabit.
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