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New to mathamatics and physics?any help?

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    new to mathamatics and physics??any help?

    hi my name is jonathan and I am from melbourne australia and I need help with mathamatics and physics I can not even count to my 12 times 12 time tables when I was a kid because I had a function problem in my brain, I am doing exercises to help me proccess information from the brain will it be possible if you guys could ask me questions so I know where I am at I hope its not an accident coming to these forums because I really want to learn more and more and increase my understanding and knowledge. I know its a hard subject to choose but I hope to meet some freindly faces in these forums I have a interest for electrical equipment and making it and using machines to do so I want to come here and learn and ask and study and how to use all of these things I am not even a begginner at this sort of stuff but I am wanting to know if you people could help me
    learn more about the scientific sort of side and tell me things to help me understand it I am also doing exercises to increase my brain acting on proccessing information and I am getting better and my status is impoving alot and I hope to be that smart in the future any one can be the so smart person anyways I hope this post does not sound redicoulos and sorry about my punctuation I cant help it I am not that low in this criteria and I can learn and I do have the ability to do anything and I chose to do engineering next year and automotive I have studied simple things like chemicals and I can read very well and write very well but its just my understanding of physics and mathamatics that I have troubles understanding please help me so I can understand.
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    Tom Mattson

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    Hello aitan, and welcome to Physics Forums. I've relocated your thread to a more appropriate forum.

    Given that we don't know anything about you, I think that you'll get more out of this experience if you get more specific about your difficulties.
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    ok. I have a cerebelum brain problem in my side of the brain that has never been used before in my whole life I can now do things on my own that not many people will be able to do the brain does not just react mentally but its stops me from the ability to proccess information as fast as others I cant help it because I was using the wrong part of my brain which disabled me from understanding and coperhension abilities were low
    and now they are increasing to get to the highest stage on completing my tasks and using the right side of my brain to extend the branches of my brain tissues and so that everything goes back to normal and I will be alot faster in catching up to others I have always had problems with mathamatics and I am reaching out to get some education on what i need to do.
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    best regards

    Welcome to physics forums. May I suggest you forget about your health problems and just ask your mathematical questions. Even with brain anomalies you may find your difficulties are actually common to many of the rest of us. I.e. many of our brains malfunction in regard to mathematics!:smile:
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    May I help you? But can you give what your very problem is!
    my electronicmail is daifeili@163.com
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    its not a really serious problem it can be fixed and I can learn mathamatics if I start off slowly and work my way up from a expereinced mathatician teaching me all the basics of how to use maths all i need is some education and I will be A ok I know that my brain is perfectly normal and I can be as smart as albert einstein.
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    ..aswell try some logic puzlles even suduku sure they will help u execrcise your head.

    so whats your first math question aitan ?
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    What level of mathematics are you at? Have you started learning Calculus yet?
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    You mean, you wanna get started, or you've already started and have some questions??

    However, you always need to work your brain, even if you don't have any problems of any kind, rust accumulates and it's as useless as a piece of junk...

    Only the 1st step is hard, once you get into it, u'll be fine...Good luck!
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