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Next set of PDE, which presents fluid flow

  1. Jan 20, 2010 #1

    I must solve next set of PDE, which presents fluid flow.


    where mi=const

    with BC: v=v at x=0
    u=u at y=0

    Can you give me some hint?


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    Re: pde

    This looks similar to Navier stokes equations. u is velocity in x, and v is in y. and in steady state. somethings missing to what you got there. wheres gravity? I think you can write those easier
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    Re: pde

    Yes they are for creeping flow. Is it possible to get a general solution porcedure for solving them?
    thanks jg
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    Re: pde

    Been awile since I was in school. Should be in the text
    In two dimensions, should be easy. You should do your own work as this site could be very unreliable or make your learning distorted
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