(no friction) inclined plane acceleration

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    on a inclined plane an object is at stationery. β accelaration is applied horizontally towards the inclined plane(no friction at all no where) being object is at rest relative to the inclined plane.the angle of the inclined plane is θ sinθ=1/x.what is the accelaration(β). im a srilankan my physics test sum today
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  3. If you apply an acceleration [itex]\beta[/itex] against an incline plane then you are applying a force [itex]m \beta[/itex] against that plane and the plane pushes back with a normal force with equal strength but with a different direction. Calculate the force pushing your object up and set this equal to the force of gravity pulling it down [itex]mg[/itex] and you're done.
    Alternatively parameterize gravity and the pushing force into new components parallel to the ramp and solve for these being equal.
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