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Non-Viral Nanoparticle Gene therapy

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    I was wondering if this is usable in humans right now http://www.telomolecular.com/nanocircles.asp [Broken] or why it couldn't be

    I was also wondering...viral gene therapy has a lot of downsides so they're looking at non-viral nanoparticle gene therapy...they've been able to use nanoparticles via IV to people to treat lung cancer...theoretically could you use non-viral nanoparticle gene therapy to do any gene therapy? and to get to any place in the body? What percentage of cells could it get to what places could/couldn't it get to? Is there any one here who actually works with nanoparticle gene therapy, ie in lab animals or with human gene therapy?

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    I don't see an edit post button for some reason..
    I mean I know the nanoparticles would have to have an oxidative coating...I talked to my friend whose studied molecular biology at university for a long time and she really couldn't provide any info on it...so that's why I wanted to talk to someone who was in the field of studying nanoparticles/gene therapy/using them
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    Um ignore the other two posts, I was just wondering, every cell in your body contains identical DNA right? So even though there are base mismatches that can occur (let's say for some reason a high amount occurs in an organism) isn't it possible to know the correct base of every cell without being able to view the insides of the cells since all genes in every cell are the same?

    Also my friend said no to this next question but I wasn't sure if that was the answer so I wanted to get a second opinion: Is it possible to remove genes in an adult organism- if not why? (ie with a virus or something) What are the ways this can be done in an embryo? I don't think it's possible to remove genes in an adult organism but I still wanted those answers better known in my head so if someone can provide answers to those..thanks. (This is in regards to viral or non viral gene stuff)
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    Not exactly, try reading up on Methylation for one type of modification.

    Listen to your friend.
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    What are the methods they can use to remove genes in embryos (Other than through breeding) So just to verify..there is no way to do gene removal in adults?

    Also just to verify...so not all cells would have the same correct bases ie in brain cells? (ie if it wasn't for mismatched bases)
    (Aside from things that could be altered to not exist like DNA methylation, although I don't know maybe that can't be removed, I just read though that
    DNA methylation is a type of chemical modification of DNA that can be inherited and subsequently removed without changing the original DNA sequence.
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