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Viral or non viral gene therapy, in brain

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    Im not sure if anybody here can answer this, but, this is my question

    What negative health effects etc can occur from viral gene therapy being used on a human brain (to add one or more extra copies of a gene)

    what are the odds of those negative effects occuring in the person from viral gene therapy being used on a human brain? (To add one or more extra copies of a gene)

    Would non viral gene therapy in a human brain be effective enough to add one or more extra copies of a gene?

    These questions are in regards to each type etc of virus though, not just AAV.

    thanks..not sure if this is the area of expertise of anyone here but anyways
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    one negative effect is delivery of virus to the brain that would most likely involved stereotaxic neurosurgery. another negative effect is antibodies being generated to the viral capsid proteins but i think you will probably be OK with the first administration, so as long as you have long-term expression from your viral vector you will not have to worry about a second administration. viral gene therapy to the brain is a promising platform.

    non-viral gene therapy sucks (i assume you are talking about plasmid DNA).
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