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Nonlinear Quantum gravity / Schroedinger Equation

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    Is there any good arguments or reasons for why it seems the general consensus is that the linear Schroedinger equations is fundamental?

    I know that if it turns out either of these are nonlinear it would falsify certain readings of QM so it would be interesting if there is indeed no real good reasons why the Schroedinger Equation can't be nonlinear?
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    In principle, linearity of quantum theory could be only an approximation.
    In nonlinear quantum theory, different interpretations (Copengahen, many world, Bohmian, ...) would not be observationally equivalent.
    In fact, I have argued elsewhere that only Bohmian interpretation would be self-consistent:
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    Hey thanks man, really interesting.

    I did some more digging and found that experiments conducted in the 1990's after Weinberg published his thoughts on this matter pretty much made the chance of quantum mechanics being nonlinear very slight.

    However, even if the Schroedinger Equation is perfectly linear couldn't there be nonlinear dynamics beneath quantum mechanics which inreturn could explain QM?
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