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Noob to mechanical engineering - how do I find the part I need

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    I build things. I need mechanical parts from time to time, and I always have trouble finding the parts I need because I don't have a vocabulary from the mechanical engineering world - I hope to acquire the language by living in the forum for a while (and thinks in advance to anyone who can help).

    This week I am looking for a hinge. The purpose of the hinge is to allow a stiff piece to flex without breaking. I drew a picture of the hinge in sketchup:


    Googling around, I found this piece: http://www.hardwaresource.com/hinge...Heavy+Duty+Gate+Hinges/4"+Bolt-On+Pivot+Hinge

    which seems to fit the bill. But it's too costly because it supports weight limits I don't need (I only need about 50 lbs. per hinge)

    Can anyone suggest what this kind of hinge is called? I need to buy one for a relatively cheap price - does anyone have a good source for mechanical pieces I can buy off the internet?
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    You can learn a lot of the terminology via a good catalog; something like http://www.grainger.com/category/hardware/ecatalog/N-bib [Broken]

    As for prices, the less common the item, the more expensive. So you may want to revisit your design and use "common hinges" or a different technique if cost is the main issue.
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    You can also make a surprisingly large amount of things yourself if you know how to weld and if you are able to bend metal plates and pipes accurately.
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    wow that's genius! Thanks a lot guys. I came to the right place.
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    Also take a look at www.Mcmaster.com they have a ton of parts for all sorts of things and its organized really intuitively in an easy-to-navigate way.
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