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North Korean football coach may loose his life

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    Vanadium 50

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    Why are you surprised?
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    What's the source of this?

    A chinese trader. Other newspapers are simply copying each other and some have only this trader told story. Not enough to prove that this happened.
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    Your analysis is correct, but isn't Kim Jong-un known primarily for his insanity? And his father.
    My response the only couple of times that has happened has been "Feel free to step up and prove that you can do it better."
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    I'm more surprised that the N. Koreans had hopes to win the FIFA worldcup.
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    Well, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

    Speaking of stupidity. He had his chance to defect while he was in South Africa. After a total, epic failure, he decided to go back to NK. Good game.
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    The government teaches that Koreans are a superior people, and on that basis it's important for their propaganda that they win.
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    Does the DPRK Govt throw a hissy fit every 4 yrs when their team fails to qualify? The one time in 40 years that they qualify, their coach gets serious hell?

    Doesn't seem completely implausible to me, but I wouldn't yet put too much money on the story being accurate. I have yet to see a reputable news source report this - so it's likely not verifiable, but I guess that's the nature of most any story coming out of the DPRK.
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    Well, that's what you get when you take a game way too serious!

    I think they're more into a mind manipulation games!
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    The North Korean team and coach will get soaked a bit for sure. But why do you think that this news report (which itself states that it is based on "unconfirmed sources") is actually literally true?

    There have been plenty of such news resources on the DPRK that turned out false. Like resently the news item that hospitals in the DPRK were so bad and in lack of equipment that patients were operated on without anastetics.

    That the DPRK has several shortages, is correct, but that news report was plainly wrong. There only "creditable" source were DPRK deflectors.

    Not long after however the WHO (world health organisation) made a statement that made a more realistic approach. Their statement was that the health situation and organisation of the DPRK was at least better then in many other developing nations.

    Just a reminder that not all news on DPRK is true.
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    This could be just a piece of anti North Korea propaganda.
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    It typically is. I saw another news report claiming that a coupld of DPRK soccer players were asking for asylumn or had moved out of their training camp, but then that news items showed up to be incorrect.

    As for that, I really do doubt that DPRK had anything to do with the sinking of the S korean ship too. Well they found (after some weeks) the engine of the torpedo that supposedly had sunk the Cheonan S korean navy vessel, with the mark "number 1" written on it. It was claimed it matched the DPRK torpedo. Yet, on closer inspection the thing does not match, above that there was too much rost on it if it had been laying in the sea for just a couple of weeks, and at the time, the S Korean navy found no trace of the supposed submarine that should have launched the torpedo (although they had equipment to trace such a submarine), and the waters were in fact too shallow for any submarine to operate there. Moreover, the S korean ship was placing mines there (near an island that was very close to the coast of the DPRK), so it could as well have been an accident.

    Technically seen the two countries are still at war, so don't buy any of the war propaganda.

    In fact all that pointing to DPRK as the cuplit of the sinking of the Cheonan has in my opinion only one goal, to justify the presence of the US military in that region (the Okinawa US military base, which was supposed to be shut down by Japan, is not closing down because of this alleged crime of the DPRK).
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    Kim Jong-un is the name of the trainer. Perhaps you mean Kim Jong-Il which is the head of the Korean Worker Party (the ruling party in the DPRK) and the head of the defense comittee 9a very important role, since the nation's slogan is: army first).
    His (deceased) father Kim Il-Sung and founder of the DPRK is the eternal president, and some other guy (who's name I forgot, but his name is not who) is head of state.
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    Xenophobia and ethnocentricism was already there long before north korea even existed, just the regime encourages it.
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    Source? For any of the things you've said? (I'm not saying that in a rude manner, I actually do mean I want to read the background on everything you're saying).
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    Kim Jong-un is the name of Kim Jong-il's son.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Jong-un" [Broken]
    The trainer's name is Kim Jong-hun.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Jong-Hun" [Broken]
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    I have some sources of this of course, but need to look them up. I will post them here.
  19. Aug 4, 2010 #18
    oh, sorry. You are right.
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    Here are some news reports about the sinking of the S Korean vessel Cheonan.

    'German made torpedo sunk south korean cheonen' (willyloman.wordpress.com)

    ' Torpedo Evidence (photos)' (freepublic.com)

    'The Sinking of the Cheonan and the Escalation of Tensions on the Korean Peninsula' (padresteve.wordpress.com)

    Wikipedia article (en.wikipedie.org)

    http://www.vkblog.nl/bericht/326357/False_Flag_Operation_%3A_Incident_Cheonan [Broken] (vkblog.nl)

    'Who Sank the Cheonan' (youtube.com)

    'Korea False Flag' (youtube.com)

    'The sinking of the Cheonan: Another Gulf of Tonkin incident' (gowans.wordpress.com)

    The official reaction of the DPRK government is that it denies any involvement with the sinking of the Cheonan.

    Several newsreport cast doubt on the official story by the JIG investigation.

    Have we been lied to?
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    If this was regular practice in the western world I would start watching sports.
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