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NOT homework - where would I get an apprisal on a physics study

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    I am not in education (haven’t been for the past 30+ years) and I don’t know any physicists. I have called the local college but they said they are too busy.

    (asked in the physics section as my study is the physics of weather / ice - I hope this is OK)

    I have been working, for the past 18 months, when time (and kids) allowed, on a study and it may be that I have my basic assumptions totally wrong, or I have reached the wrong conclusions, etc.

    Does any one know of a website site or somewhere else that I could send a study that I have done for someone to read and just to give some feedback. I am not looking for a detailed appraisal, just sort of Yes it OK or No it’s rubbish or it would be OK if ....

    I have to do a study piece for a chance to get on to the next promotion level – there are no jobs going at the moment, but I would not be able to apply, without a study already completed. This is why I have been doing all this.

    I know that what I have produced is very basic, but I have really worked on it, so I think it would be simple for a physicists to judge it in a few mins.

    If anyone knows of anywhere I could e mail this too it would be really helpful (I have googled but I can’t find anything) – I could set up a temp e mail and send it to another tempt mail if necessary.

    Thank you

    PS. I really hope that it not all rubbish or I’ll need to start again ;-)
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    I'd say you aren't likely to get help here. We used to have an independent research section but it was closed, IIRC because too many people posted pet theories that were wrong, illogical or just plain crazy.

    My advice would be to break down your study into individual questions and ask them in forums where appropriate to check your understanding.
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    Thanks for your advice. I would have thought there was a website (somewhere) that would have been able to help. I will try asking my friends again if any of them know a physicist.

    Oh well - I'll just hope I have the basics right ;-)
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    The problem is that original theories are almost always crackpot ideas with no relevance or connection to real science. If you have a good paper based on real science you might as well just publish it in a peer-reviewed paper (that's how science works after all!). The decision to remove the independent research section was taken because ultimately this site is for the discussion of peer-reviewed science, independent theory forums were magnets for anyone with a crazy pet idea.

    Like I said, if you want to check something start up threads in the relevant forums and ask.
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    LoL - I don't think that any of my study ideas are original. I have just tried to remember what I learned in school and have studied some books (I now have a good collection on this subject) AND I have read MANY post in this forum.

    The subject is not very original - why do snowflakes look like they do?

    On well. I have posted a (still NOT finished yet) copy to my Ski-Drive account (part of hotmail) and I have asked my friends to pass the link on to any of the friends they may have some knowledge in the subject.

    I just don't want to put it in and be told that it is all wrong.

    Here is a link if anyone is interested (as you can see I also had to learn Photoshop) to make the graphics - so it's been 18 months of fun ;-)

    You don't need to sign in to Hotmail to see it
    and it has NOT been spell checked yet ??? - I will do that in a few weeks

    Thank you for you good advice again

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    I like Serena

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    Hi karen_lorr! :smile:

    Let me start by saying you did a great job on the pictures!
    (I like pictures! :wink:)

    Then, I'm not really an expert on what your efforts should be like, but seeing that no one else has commented till now, I'll give it a shot.

    It depends on your target audience how well it will be received.
    In a scientific journal, certain requirements are set on how the article should be set up.
    In particular there should be:
    - a summary
    - an introduction stating a problem statement and a goal
    - a conclusion
    Furthermore, an article is supposed to follow a certain typography, meaning pictures should have a caption and a title, and they should be referred to in the text.

    Still, your text looks very pretty and I think it will be received well by any who reads it.
    For myself, I will have to admit that I'm not an expert in this matter, so I can't tell you how accurate it is.

    Go well! :smile:
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