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Not sure about my solution (fictionless Pulley)

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    Masses m and 2m hang from opposite ends of a string passing over a light,
    frictionless pulley. What is their acceleration?

    I said that the total unblalance force on the two objects is 2mg-mg=mg and the total mass is 2m+m=3m

    So the acceleration a is a=mg/3m=g/3

    Is this right? could somebody check it for me please? thanks :redface:
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    Doc Al

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    You are correct. But why not check it yourself, by using a more general method: Set up force equations (Newton's 2nd law) for each mass separately and combine the two equations. That will allow you to solve for both the acceleration and the string tension.
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    Ok that makes sense ^_^ I'll try it. thanks again
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