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Not sure if the extra cost is worth attending these schools.

  1. Feb 4, 2016 #1
    Here is a bit of background information about myself. Please excuse the winded post.

    I started community college in California about 4 years ago. I did not graduate high school and had to leave during the 9th grade for financial reasons. I started working at age 14 in order to support myself. I returned to school when I was 21 got my GED and started community college right after. I placed in Arithmetic (lowest math class offered/ basic addition of numbers, fractions,etc) and have been a Math Major ever since. Eventually, I completed the Mathematics sequence: Cal (1-3), Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Differential Equations. I have completed all of my general education and will be receiving an Associates Degree in Mathematics in the Spring. I am in the process of transferring.

    I have no family contribution. My father past away when I was 13 and my mother has a terminal illness. I have a 3.8 GPA. I applied to few a privates and most cal states. I got accepted into USC, but even after cutting my tuition to 26,000, I still could not afford it. The Cal States are within my price range and Financial Aid will cover a small part of the burden. I am majoring in Pure Mathematics but would like to take Physics electives. Mathematical Physics appears to be something I would like to do.

    I received admissions for Cal State Long Beach, Cal Poly Pomona, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and Cal State Los Angeles. I have no car, my method of transportation is the bus/train system. I don't mind riding public transit, because I use this time to review course material or as a study break. Cal State La is the nearest campus and Long Beach would me about 2 hours to commute. I know that Long Beach and the Cal Poly's have good Math programs. However, If I attend the Cal Poly's I would have to live on campus. A few of my teachers, who are knowledgable, said there experience at Cal State La helped them to go onto graduate school. One of them being a Princeton PHD holder and the others UCLA, Berkeley, USC. But I believe since I'm not that smart, It would be better to get as much as rigor possible, and hopefully that rigor would prepare me for graduate work at a outstanding university. I am thinking the Cal Poly's would be a place where I can vastly grow intellectually.

    Is it worth getting a loan, I am estimating the loan to be around the $30000 for the estimated 2 years for my BS, in order to attained San Luis Obispo/Pomona? Or should I settle for Cal State LA and maybe Long Beach? I am not sure about Long Beach, because I have to ride the Blue Line to get there, and one of the train stops has a high incident of violence rate. You literally have to pass through Watts and Compton to get to Long Beach. I am a Mexican-American male, I do not look tuff or soft, but I have seen a lot of crimes on this train line. Currently, Compton has a race war going on between Mexicans and Blacks.

    If I were to choose Cal State Los Angeles, I can keep my $15 dollar an hour job at my current CC, and will be able to make $18 an hour in 2 more semesters. The hours are flexible. I am looking at 5 thousand out of pocket a year at Cal State LA/LB.

    I apologize for the long post, but I really need guidance. Thanks.
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    what i can say it try talking to the counsellor or trustable lecturer from your college..best if they know you more personally. Also talk to someone outside who knew you personally well and that person should be accountable. Perhaps some local area forum member could give you more advice on this.
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