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Not Sure if this belongs here but - Help with Matter States

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    Forgive me as I have no formal secondary education so my actual knowledge of terms and what not is limited but I am working on a theory that has me wanting to explore the varying chemical states of matter and what defines them. For example, how Nitrogen can be both a gas and a liquid in room temperature, so does all matter have varying states and how would this be effected by another dimension of sorts? I am not sure if I expressed that correctly, but if you get what I am reaching at let me know!

    Thanks guys!
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    Welcome to PF!

    First off PF doesn't dwell on speculative science or personal theories so this thread is bound to be shutdown shortly.

    We are here to help students overcome problems with homework and understanding something in mainstream science. Speculative discussion distracts from that mission and is actively discouraged here.

    My suggestion is to read more about current science of matter states and ask questions about things you don't understand and we can go from there.
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