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Notation, i.e. making your post look like math

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    Can someone please tell me how I can put proper mathematical notation in my posts? Can I use Maple to do this?
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    Welcome to PF, kennykroot.

    In the olden days, new members used to read this thread to learn LaTex, but now all you have to do it click on the button with a capital sigma ([tex]\Sigma[/tex]) on it. You'll get a pop-up from which to select the symbols. But you might want to learn to do it the "old-fashioned" way also. :wink:
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    Wow, that's awfully clunky. Isn't there something more WYSIWYG-ish where I actually see the mathematical symbols instead of the code as you compose the post.

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    You don't ask for much do you? :rolleyes:

    If you click on preview post at any time, you will be able to see the formulae. If you think that's "clunky" then I can't imagine what you'd think a few weeks ago when the preview wasn't there, and the add-on wasn't there, so users had to write the code themselves. At least we have LaTex enabled on this forum, unlike other forums.
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    Kids! :rolleyes: :tongue:

    Someone posted this link a few months ago. It's not all that different from what you here...it's just that the preview doesn't take a long time.
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    Gib Z

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    I don't see the little sigma anywhere :'( Although I quite prefer the old method, it seems more natural, and its sort of like vintage, and i heard thats in right now :)
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    its next to the php and # icons
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    Gib Z

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    I dont see those either, even in advanced mode >.< Something is wrong maybe its in my user settings..
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    Use the Prime Skin. Almost any update these days is seen only with Prime skin.
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    There are many LaTeX editors. One free one is here:


    I prefer using the (commercial) MathType package myself.

    - Warren
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